Never mind the weather!  Have fun!    Make new friends!   Get a little Square Dancelight exercise!   Move to music!  Fun, friendship, fitness — What’s not to like? This is modern square dance.  What a bright idea!

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Our season will start soon, on Sept. 23, 2019.  Stop in and say hi on almost any Monday 6:45 pm, Telford House, 4907 46 St, Leduc.    After that, watch our web site or Facebook page for upcoming activities.

Team Dancing, where a group of eight people cooperate to do the moves given by the Caller (kind of like running the plays called by the quarterback), is another name for modern square dance.  Because it’s fun for all ages, it’s a great family activity. It can be slow and romantic; it can be fast-paced and furious.  Either way, it’s fun, and the floor is usually filled with laughter.

Square dancing is about fun and friendship — and fitness.  To make the most of the fitness part, be sure to dance every tip.  Try to be first on the floor.  You got to move it! move it!Square Dancing is fun