Modern Square Dance: FAQS & Myth-perceptions

Movies, cartoons, something they did in school years ago (or not so long ago!) can give people a totally wrong impression of modern square dance. Check out these myths and frequently asked questions…

  1. Q: What exactly is square dancing?
  2. Q: Don’t square dancers wear special period costumes?
  3. Myth: Square dancing is a couples-only activity.
  4. Q: I’m not sure my son or daughter is old enough?
  5. Myth: I can’t dance, I have “two left feet”.
  6. Q: My partner doesn’t know how to lead/follow. Can we still square dance?
  7. Myth: It’s all old-time fiddle music and rhyming couplets.
  8. Q: It seems to be a kind of low-impact aerobics?
  9. Myth: Dance classes are expensive. I can’t afford it.
  10. Myth: It’s just for seniors.
  11. I had to Square Dance in school. I didn’t like it.
  12. Q: I’m pretty uncoordinated and not too graceful. Can I really learn to square dance?
  13. Myth: It’s all county music. I hate country music!
  14. Is it true that square dancing is done all over the world?
  15. Q: What if I love country music?
  16. Q: Do I have to wear one of those floofy skirts?