Hoedown for the Hungry

Our second annual Hoedown for the Hungry – Saturday, Sept. 7, 6:30 to 9:30 at the Leduc Lions Campground. Admission is only $5 PLUS A FOOD BANK DONATION for folks 12 and up. Kids free.

Our goal is to create a “ton o’ fun” family event where folks of all ages can enjoy some old-time, toe-tappin’, boot-stompin’ dance action while at the same time helping out the Food Bank. We’re talking straw bales, western décor and dress, country tunes (along with a variety of other music).  We’ll do some old-time and modern square dance, some novelty dances, maybe some line dances, all taught on the spot.  There’s a possibility of a BBQ before/during and also the possibility of simultaneous activities inside and out.