In the past, we’ve offered an annual roast beef dinner, Homesteader style, every fall….  But maybe not in 2022.  In its place, we may be celebrating our belated 40th anniversary.

Originally restricted to the square dance community, our annual club fundraiser dinner & dance was recently opened to the general public — so that visitors could enjoy the meal and our square dance tunes.  We came in “hard times” or “homesteader” costume, or just came casual.  It was a chance for visitors to learn why square dancing is described as “Fitness, fun, and friendship set to music”!  

Covid-19 forced us to make some changes to the program.  Until we’ve had a chance to grow back to pre-pandemic numbers, we may have to give this time-honored tradition a pass.  In its place, we are working on a 40th Anniversary party.  Come back again for details.

Info:  president@leducsquaredance.ca

OR phone 780-991-9827