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Here’s an excellent learning resource from Square Dance Calgary.  The moves follow the old grouping; the newer Social Square Dance Program borrows from Basic1, Basic2, and Mainstream so you’ll have to hunt for the moves we’re doing.

The following links go to videos from Cyberpoint Marketing for the Mainstream Program. Our club is currently doing the Social Square Dance Program. Moves shown in italics and struck out are not part of our program.  Note also that the videos may not follow the SSD teaching order.

Mainstream #1A   – Introduction; Heads, Sides, Positions 1,2,3,4;  Circle Left/Right, Do Sa Do, Forward & Back, Swing, Promenade, Promenade 1/2, Single File Promenade.

Mainstream #1B  – Allemande Left, Right Hand Turn (Turn Thru), Right & Left Grand, Weave the Ring, Star Left/Right

Mainstream #1C  – Pass Thru, U Turn Back, California Twirl, Partner Trade, Star Promenade

Mainstream #2   – Promenade Full and 3/4; Grand Square; Half Sashay; Roll Away with a Half Sashay; Ladies In, Men Sashay

Mainstream #3   – Right & Left Thru, Courtesy Turn, Box the Gnat, Wrong Way Grand, Ladies Chain (Heads, Sides, 3/4, All)

Mainstream #4   – Back Track, Lead Right, Circle to a Line, Bend the Line, All Around your Left Hand Lady, See Saw

Mainstream #5  – Square Thru (2,3,4), Wheel Around, Star Thru, Slide Thru

Mainstream #6Veer Left/Right, Wheel & Deal (from Two Faced Lines), Ladies/Gents Promenade

Mainstream #7  – Ocean Wave, Swing Thru, Run (Boys/Girls/Centers/Ends), Pass the Ocean, Trades (Boys/Girls/Centers/Ends/Same sexes), Dive Thru, Extend [Note that everyone steps forward!]

Mainstream #8  – Circulates (Ends/Centers/Boys/Girls/Couples/All 8), Ferris Wheel, Zoom

Mainstream #9  – Touch a Quarter, Scoot Back, Flutter Wheel, Reverse Flutter Wheel

Mainstream #10  – No moves in this video from the Social Square Dance program.

Mainstream #11  – Spin the Top, Alamo Style Wave, Wave Balance, Circulates (Column, Box, Split, 1 1/2), Chain Down the Line, Sweep a Quarter

Mainstream #12Cross Run, Left Swing Thru, Single Hinge, Separate, Trade By, Wheel & Deal (Lines of 4)

Mainstream #13  – Couples Trade, Couples Hinge, Folds, Cross Fold, Centers In/Out, Split the Outside Couple, Double Pass Thru, Cloverleaf

Mainstream #14  –  Only Cast Off 3/4

Mainstream #15  – Tag the Line, Half Tag, Recycle, 8 Chain 4/Thru, Spin Chain Thru

Taminations – online animations of square dance moves

Other learning resources from Square Dance BC

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