Sept 18, 2018 – Club Hosts Hoedown for the Hungry

Leduc, 18 Sept. 2018 – The Homesteaders hosted the first ever Hoedown for the Hungry, in support of the Leduc & District Food Bank,  on September 15, 2018 at the Leduc Lions Hall, in the Lions Campground just off Rolly View Road.  Caller Gary Winter offered a fun program of Square Dance, Line Dance, Two-Step, and Contra dance.

The event was intended to serve several purposes.  First, of course, to give back to the community by supporting the Food Bank.  Second, we wanted to gain wider exposure to the club by offering a fun event to the general public.  Third, we hoped to encourage people to give our club a try during our startup later in September.

Cold, miserable weather may have encouraged people to stay home, so attendance was a little lighter than we had hoped.  However, the folks who came seem to have had a good time.

Did we meet our goals?  We donated $155 and 160 lbs of goods to the Food Bank.  Many of the folks at the Hoedown said they planned to come and check us out at our opening dance, and one young couple said they planned to joint the club.

We plan to host the event again next year, on September 7, same location, same caller, even more fun.

Pssst.  The Hoedown is over, but you can still tell your friends about Modern Square Dancing!