Homesteader Night Full of Laughter

Homesteader Night on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018 was a big success and a lot of fun.

A good-sized floor of 68 came out to enjoy our home-style meal and square dance (despite our having the wrong address on posters and tickets).   Of those, at least seven had never danced before but came out to get on the floor and give it a try with easy introductory moves taught by caller Ken Sipe.   There was also a strong contingent of new dancers.

With eight squares up for the “everybody dance” tips, and five squares of mainstream dancers, it’s clear that our goal of bringing more new people into square dance is having some success.

The club had toned down the decorations a bit — no wagon wheels or antique farm equipment as in previous years — but that doesn’t seem to have dampened the fun in any way.  As the evening wore on, people got more into the spirit of the dance and the noise level built until, in the last tip of the night, laughter almost drowned out the caller.

We had a lot of donated door prizes to add to the fun, and president Ron McIntosh clearly enjoyed giving them out.   The winner of the 50:50  draw, Myrtle, donated the money back to the club — thanks, Myrtle!.

Although treasurer Dave Lake did not have a total by the end of the dance,  the club typically raises between $800 and $1000 at a Homesteader Night.

Note:  Because I was having so much fun and danced every dance, I didn’t take photos.  Sorry. — Tom