Oct 16, 2018 – New Dance Season a Success

Oct 16, 2018 –  WOW!    Since our opening dance on September 24, we have had fifteen people stop in to check us out.   This is the most we can remember since forever!


As part of our intake process, and to check on the effectiveness of our promotion campaign, we asked these people what brought them to the club.   The most common was the road signs, followed by word of mouth (which, it turned out, meant that one person had seen a sign and brought in a spouse or partner).  However, print advertising brought a couple, as did the Hoedown for the Hungry.

The good news is that we wound up with nine new dancers.  That’s a full square plus one!  Again, this is the most we’ve had in a long time.  Even better, four of our new dancers are under 30, and the rest are under 65, which brings youth and vigor and new life to our club!