Contact Us

You can talk to any of us about our programs.  Come to see us any Wednesday night between September 21, 2022 and the end of April, 2023!    Or email

Our Executive for 2022-23

These are the people who work to make things happen.  If you meet one, say “Thank you.”

Committees and Other

  • Promotions Committee – Works to promote the club, develop membership, and advertise events, solicit and administer grants
  • Refreshments Committee – Sets a rotation for refreshments, reminds members, ensures we have basic supplies
    • Vacant – Foodies wanted
  • Membership Committee – Looks to member well-being, recognize birthdays & anniversaries, checks re allergies, works to get new members
    • New Dancer Liaison:  Vacant
    • Coordinator – Vacant – Also serves on Promotions Committee
  • Visitation Committee – Arranges and schedules visits to and from other dance clubs
    • Gladys Stamper
  •  Online Wizards – Develop and maintain our online presence; promote club events online
    • Facebook – Managed by Tom Gray
    • Webmaster:  Tom Gray (
    • Assistant – Backup needed in case Tom walks in front of a truck.

Our Brochure

Our current dance venue:

Telford House
4907-46 St, Leduc, AB T9E 5V9
(780) 986-6160