Executive & Committees

You can talk to any of us about our programs.  Come to see us any Wednesday night between mid-September  and the end of April!    Or email Info@leducsquaredance.ca

Our Board of Directors for 2022-23

These are the people who work to make things happen.  If you meet one, say “Thank you.”

  • President: Tom Gray (president@leducsquaredance.ca)
  • Vice President: Dominique Vrolyk (vicepres@leducsquaredance.ca)
  • Treasurer: Karen Friesen (treasurer@leducsquaredance.ca)
  • Secretary: Cheryl Mann (secretary@leducsquaredance.ca)
  • Past President: Ron McIntosh (pastpres@leducsquaredance.ca)
  • Area Representative: Vacant

Committees and Other

  • Promotions Committee – Works to promote the club, develop membership, and advertise events, solicit and administer grants
    • Ron McIntosh
    • Tom Gray
    • Gary Winter (Club Caller)
    • Membership Coordinator Dominique Vrolyk
    • Vacant – Creative individual sought
    • General:  promotions@leducsquaredance.ca
  • Refreshments Committee – Sets a rotation for refreshments, reminds members, ensures we have basic supplies
    • Marlene Brown
    • Laura Piercey
  • Membership Committee – Looks to member well-being, recognize birthdays & anniversaries, checks re allergies, works to get new members
    • New Dancer Liaison:  Dominique Vrolyk (Who is serving THREE jobs so please help her out!)
    • Coordinator – Vacant – Also serves on Promotions Committee
  • Visitation Committee – Arranges and schedules visits to and from other dance clubs
    • Cheryl Mann – doing double duty as Secretary, so someone else could please do Visits!
  •  Online Wizards – Develop and maintain our online presence; promote club events online
    • Facebook – Managed by Tom Gray, with Promotions Committee input & oversight
    • Webmaster:  Tom Gray (webmaster@leducsquaredance.ca)
    • Assistant – Backup needed in case Tom walks in front of a truck.

Our Brochure

Our current dance venue:

Telford House
4907-46 St, Leduc, AB T9E 5V9
(780) 986-6160