Square Dance Clothing?

No special shoes, no fancy clothes!

“Traditional” square dance attire for gals

Unlike activities that require special gear or equipment, square dancing is easy on the wallet.  Many of our members  enjoy “traditional” getup — bright, colorful dresses with crinolines for the gals and matching western wear for the guys  — the kind of thing you see in old western movies from the 1950s or maybe during Rodeo Week.

Casual dress is common

For others, and especially new dancers, “dressy casual” is the norm.   You’re welcome to get some “old-time dancin’ duds” if that appeals to you — they’re widely available second hand at reasonable cost.

NOTE:  If one of our members starts insisting you need to get “appropriate square dance attire”, you’re welcome to smile and say, “No thanks, not my style.”  While we do dress up for demonstrations and special dances, such attire is NOT required for lessons or club dances.

Our hall prefers clean, indoor footwear that’s not going to mar or scuff their nice floor.  Dance shoes with smooth leather soles are best, and some dancers wear cowboy boots, but clean runners or any shoe with a soft sole will do.  Nylon slip-overs are an inexpensive alternative.  Be sure you wipe your shoes well before you go on the dance floor.